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Desde Mayo , con nuevos procesadores Intel Skylake!!

OS X 10.9 Mavericks

22 October 2013 • Posted by Ed_Saxman in Apple News • • 0 comments  

OS X 10.9 Mavericks es una actualización gratuíta para usuarios de OS X 10.6.8 or posterior, disponible en la App Store desde el 22 de Octubre de 2013. OS X Mavericks tiene más de 200 prestaciones nuevas, como las apps Mapas y iBooks para Mac, las pestañas y etiquetas del Finder, una nueva versión de ...READ MORE

Disable button “Repose” Apple menu

14 March 2012 • Posted by Ed_Saxman in Apps • • 0 comments  

If you do not use the Sleep and you want to avoid giving in error, you can leave the inactive button (in gray) with this small application. Sleep Disabler Allows you to disable or enable the Sleep. In case it is activated, hibernate mode puts the value 0, erase the image (if) the / var / vm / drag image, and off button ...READ MORE

Move the cache of Firefox to the RAM

14 March 2012 • Posted by Ed_Saxman in OSX86 Tutorials • • 0 comments  

With Firefox you can easily move the cache to RAM, to speed up load times and avoid unnecessary writes to the SSD or HDD. Write about:config in the address bar: In the filter bar write browser.cache We make sure that the string has the value true browser.cache.memory.enable. We locate the line browser.cache.disk.enable ...READ MORE

Terminal Apps – Alternatives to the system terminal

14 March 2012 • Posted by Ed_Saxman in Apps • • 0 comments  

If you usually the OSX system terminal, appreciate what these alternatives may offer: iTerm2 probably the best and most complete terminal, available for OS X. Their features are impressive, and after using it a while never want to return to the original. . TotalTerminal (Visor) Formerly known as Viewer, has been ...READ MORE

Optimal use of SSDs on OS X systems

29 August 2011 • Posted by Ed_Saxman in OSX86 Tutorials • • 0 comments  

  Since the advent of SSDs, and given its progressive lowering, are increasingly those who decide to replace its archaic system HD mechanic for one of these efficient storage systems. To optimize their use and longer life is advisable to try to avoid the unnecessary scripts ...READ MORE

iMacs 2011 Sandy Bridge – At the bottom

4 May 2011 • Posted by Ed_Saxman in Blog, Apple News • • 0 comments  

Apple has already put up for sale its iMacs 2011. To learn more about the components of what Apple has, you're in the right place. Click on the image to follow link

Placas Base Asus H67/P67 – Problems with EFI BIOS?

29 April 2011 • Posted by Ed_Saxman in Blog • • 0 comments  

It takes a while following the work you are doing DHP with flaked, and other, InsanelyMac the, and everything indicates that the EFI BIOS of ASUS motherboards are some incompatibilities that make management more difficult native Sandy Bridge processors with this brand, referentes al speedstep, turboboost y el sleep/wake.En ...READ MORE

USB3.0 PCI-e controller SATA3 MacPro and / or Hackintosh

28 April 2011 • Posted by Ed_Saxman in Blog, Build your own Hackintosh, OSX86 Tutorials • Tags: 1 comment  

For those who want to update your Hackintosh and add MacPro or SSD / HDs SATA3, and a pair of USB ports 3.0, Here is a good solution to a very polite: Asus U3S6 USB Card 3.0 + SATA3 PCI Express card has an NEC chip for USB D720200F1 3.0, Marvell 88SE9123 to a ...READ MORE

TRIM Enabler for Mac

6 April 2011 • Posted by Ed_Saxman in Blog, Apple News • • 0 comments  

Recently we read several hacks that were discovered to add TRIM support to OSX with any SSD that has this feature, editing a kext proviniente a binary version of MacBookPro 2011 (2.0.5 IOAHCIFamily.kext). A forum user Macbidouille found that not even need to edit the Kext, just delete ...READ MORE

WIFI-N USB Adapter compatible with Snow Leopard

15 December 2010 • Posted by Ed_Saxman in Blog, Build your own Hackintosh • • 4 comments  

It is not easy to find external solutions for the WIFI in our Hackintosh, and less to support the standard N, but times change. There are several models readily available in Spanish stores: Linksys WUSB-100 (21€ in the PcBox PcCoste, 30€ a Fnac, 35€ in PCcity) Asus USB-N13 ( 28€ an Alternate) Both work ...READ MORE

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